Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bush in Africa Brings Bittersweet Results

I think bush means well by taking his recent trip to Liberia, Africa. It shows that he cares about the condition of the country. I suppose also since this is his last year as president he wants people to remember it as a good one.

I don’t blame him. Being president is a hard job. There has been quite a bit of discrepancy as to whether or not Bush has done as good enough of a job in other areas.

For instance, many people are sick and tired of the war in Iraq dragging on and on. Some people probably don’t even remember why it started in the first place.

Nevertheless, Bush showing his concern in Africa was seen as a good thing. Many Liberian people were crying for Bush’s help, and they cheered him on when he pledged to help them with their economic problems.

One sign held up during a slide show read in broken English, “America are Master of Hypocrisy”. Broken English or not, the point by this demonstrator has been well-made. Other signs read messages of pleading to Bush to stop the bloodshed in Iraq.

Despite the opposition by demonstrators, this trip to Liberia was considered a very productive one. In fact, Bush was presented with the Grand Cross of the National Order in Benin on the 16th of February, 2008.

Despite Bush’s recognition in Africa, his presence there was not welcomed by everyone. And we in America probably understand why.

I hate to speak badly of our president. He had lead our country to safety during the 9/11 disaster. He also fought hard for the sanctity of marriage. However, I would say unfortunately foreign policy is not his forté.

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