Thursday, February 21, 2008

Child's Play between Politicians

I heard the other day that as usual the contending presidential politicians were making up garbage about one another. Why does that not surprise me? I equate the "Obama said this" and the "Hillary said that" and the "McCain said this" with a catfight between two people competing for the same man or woman.

Who in the world would want to vote for any of the candidates who are nick-picking at the other's faults. I do agree, however, with the views of some radio announcers, and I am glad that radio announcers are making various points.

For example, Obama's campaign manager was asked the other day what Obama's accomplishments were and he could not tell the press of any. I don't know if the campaign manager was just caught off guard or what, but I would think he would have been trained to represent the contending candidate a little better.

I have heard just recently that the 11th Commandment for Politicians is “Thou shalt not say anything bad about another politician.” I wonder why that is? Does anybody dare to guess why?

You as a candidate lose your credibility with the people, that’s why?! Any political candidate that gets in by backstabbing another is darn lucky if he/she even wins the candidacy for president.

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