Monday, February 18, 2008

Do Ignorant People Have a Right to Be Politically Involved?

You may wonder if people who don’t know a thing about politics have a right to be politically involved. I believe they do if they are willing to reform.

In other words, if they are willing to educate them selves or to be educated about political issues they have a right to be involved. Not everyone is intentionally ignorant.

Unfortunately, ignorance is encouraged by our fly-by-night culture. On the other hand some people end up being ignorant for a variety of legitimate reasons. Some of them are so financially burdened that they feel hopeless. Others are on their death bed.

However, those that are capable of learning more about politics should get up and start learning today. They should learn more about the local candidates in their area and they should get involved politically in their community.

Perhaps if you never have been involved much in politics you can start by going to the voting polls more often. You can also start reading biographies about important political figures.

Even more powerful, you can create blog or e-mail your local Congress representatives. You also can campaign and petition for issues that matter to you. Ignorant people do not have to stay that way.

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