Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is Voting a Waste of Time?

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that one simple vote could actually make a difference. It's even harder to believe that your vote can make a difference when you are on your last dime-and you just walked through the snow bank from the bus stop to make it to the polls 15 minutes before closing-only to find out...

Your candidate is not even on the ballet! I was a little discouraged and a little embarrassed by that especially since I was telling people he was. But, well...he was just three weeks ago. I wondered why I had not heard much about my candidate.

I mean, I just read that he was on the ballot as of a few days before my vote. So what gives anyway? I had all I could do left to keep my dignity. I wrote my candidate in.

What was I to do? I get so tired of voting for candidates that I am not really that passionate about supporting. Why should I pick someone for president that I am not even sure I would want running my country?

But then the fear usually sets in. Usually I start thinking of the crooked delegation system that this country is currently founded on and I think to myself voting is a waste of time. But is it really?

Just think about it. Would the American Revolution ever have happened if people had not voted? Would slavery have been abolished if people would never have voted?

Would women be allowed to vote if people have never voted? Would a majority of U.S. states still uphold the sanctity of marriage if people had not voted?

The point is that nothing gets done unless people vote. What I do think is a waste of time sometimes is for people to go and vote and to not even be passionate about the person they are voting for. Those are the kind of people that I think should stay home on Election Day.

Either that or those people should just have the courage to write-in the candidate of their choice. I say write them in from now on! Speak your mind with the pen while you still have that freedom or it could be taken away forever.

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