Monday, February 18, 2008

So You are an Undecided Voter...So What?

For Undecided Voters-Who Do You Choose?
If you have never voted before or you always feel so undecided every election you may be wondering how people really choose candidates for election. This is different for each individual.

Some people choose candidates based on superficial reasons, such as looks, race (race alone that is), or gender. However, other people include those attributes along with how competent a person is in dealing with issues that matter.

Other people choose candidates based on their voting records. They look for the ones that support the laws that they believe in.

Another way to decide who to vote for is whoever matches your moral or religions beliefs. Perhaps you are all for keeping God in the country because you feel that He should be honored or our country will fall apart.

The best way to vote really is for all of the above reasons (except for maybe how good-looking a candidate is). The best candidates are ones that match your beliefs and values politically and spiritually as much as possible.

I know it can be tough when you find a candidate that supports some issues that you support but yet are against others. For instance, you might believe in the right to be hired no matter what race you are but you may not want to support marriage for people of the same sex.

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