Thursday, February 21, 2008

Speak your mind while you still have the chance!

Our freedom is slowly being stripped away.
Come back often and say what you have to say!
Speak your mind as often as possible-every day!
Soon you will have said so much
that NO ONE will be able to contain all of it.

--Julie Blodgett

When you think of all that is happening in the world it can be pretty scary. No on knows whatto say or what do half the time. Some people choose to just wallow in self-pity, whileothers make posts on blogs as this one.

Even if you don't feel you have anything original to say your opinion matters. The reason whyis when it concerns human affairs in some way, whether it be business, personal, international, or any other way, we must speak our mind.

We can speak our minds in a variety of ways, including through the following media:

  • Letter Writing

  • Phone Calls

  • Signing Group Petitions

  • Celebrating Independence Day (Dressing up in Red, White, and Blue)

  • Blog and Forum Posting

  • Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Mime, etc.)

  • Visual Arts (Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, etc.)
Did you think that our fight for freedom was over on Independence Day in 1776? If so, you were dead wrong! Those of us who are still alive are still fighting for our rights.

We cannot remain ignorant for too long. We need to know exactly for what we stand and whom. Then, we need to be ready for action. We need to be ready to fight if necessary.Not as a criminal, but as a person who feels exploited, abused, mistreated, robbed, or justplain old frustrated.

This advice is not tailored to just one issue. This goes for whatever is important to you. Right and wrong is one thing that is important. However, that is highly debated. Speak your mind.

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