Friday, June 27, 2008

Pro Gun Does not Mean Unsafe

If a person believes in the right to bear arms it does not mean they are unsafe. It also does not mean that gun owners are irresponsible either-at least not always.

Many pro-gun advocates believe in gun safety regulations. They just don't believe in the right to have them taken away. The U.S. Constitution even says that Americans have the "right to bear arms."

The following is a list of gun safety regulations that many gun owners and advocates support:

  • Gun Use Training
  • Responsibility in Using a Gun
  • Prohibition of assault weapons and contraband
  • Mandatory trigger locks
  • A five-day (or other short time) waiting periods

Fortunately for now the Supreme Court has banned anti-gun law proposals so far. Hopefully Americans will not allow guns to be taken away from them. America watch out because it could happen.

I say that owning a gun does not mean that it will be misused or that it is unsafe. Proper use can save even an entire family's life.

San Francisco Gun Ban in Public Housing-What Next?

I am not going to pretend that the right to bear arms has never been threatened. I also am not going to pretend that San Francisco is the only place where rights to own a gun is being challenged. (Other big cities like Chicago are having these challenges as well.)

However, all I can help to say is what next? Has anyone in America ever remember reading George Orwell's Animal Farm? If not I would suggest that America read it as soon as possible because that is what is happening today.

It starts with handguns being prohibited in public housing. Then it will be handguns not allowed anywhere but your own home. Guess what? After that there will be only one more step-strip them away from owners for good.

Do they think that this will end crime? Not allowing guns? Ha! Right! All that will happen is the black market arms industry will thrive even more than it probably does already.

America you need to wake up. You are not even going to be able to defend your self any more if you don't watch what is going on.

President Clinton's Probably Jealous of Obama

The relationship was very cool between Hillary and Obama and is still pretty cool between Obama and Bill Clinton. Maybe it's because Bill knows how easily someone can get tempted. Maybe he's jealous of Obama.

I wouldn't blame him because Obama is a very charismatic character. I am waiting for the rumor to start about a relationship between Hillary and Obama.

I wouldn't put it past those two, as they used to be rivals now all of the sudden close. I am half joking...but come on! They must have found some way to get rid of the tension between one another.

Obam says He and Hillary Used to have Separate Goals

Obama says that he and Hillary used to have separate goals. I beg to differ. They believe pretty much all of the same values.

As far as I know from the research I have done they are both pro-choice, they both advocate gay marriage, and so on.

Some Say Liberalism=Communism

I have heard it said lately that liberalism is a form of legal communism, so to speak. America needs to watch out because it could and is happening right before there very eyes.

All those supposed efforts to "help" American citizens is slowly undermining their confidence and abilities. It is causing them to feel like they can no longer do anything for them selves.

Obama and Hillary Together...Oh Boy!

Obama and Hillary get together. Oh Boy! Perhaps they planned this all along. If that was the case, I would not be a bit surprise. Many politicians know how to work the press, who in turn often will use their skills to manipulate the American public.

I can just imagine the rumors that are starting about Obama and Hillary. Perhaps she wants to get back at Bill Clinton, the former U.S. Don Juan/Casanova.

Note: I am not against women or blacks being president. I am just against these two being president. I wonder what America will become if they are in office-especially together.

I Heard a Scare on the Radio Today

I heard a scare on the radio today. A talk show host whose name escapes me (and I apologize for that) was talking about the plagues that were put upon Egypt during Bible times.

He also mentioned how that same thing could happen to America. I think he is right. However, often people feel stuck like quicksand. I used to care and wonder why right now I don't?

How could I have gotten so lost? How could I have gotten so confused? What is ever going to become of me? Why don't I care like I used to?

Katy Berry's Christian Confusion-More Common Than you Think

I would like say that the confusion that pop singer Katy Berry is having is more common than her church and pastor would think. Christians stumble and fall and go astray all the time.

Some of the words to this song actually have hit home to me, as it applies to anyone who has internal struggles that are difficult to share:

No, I don't even know your name
It doesn't matter
You're my experimental game
Just human nature
It's not what good girls do
Not how they should behave
My head gets so confused
Hard to obey
I kissed a girl and I liked it

Often times people know what is right and wrong but sometimes they just don't want to do the right thing. Sometimes it is hard when the wrong thing feels so good-especially when it becomes more and more acceptable.

See: I Heard a Scare on the Radio Today

I Walk All Alone

I walk all alone in my quest to find what is important to me. I don't vote the same way that my friends do. I don't even vote the same way as my previous significant other.

I walk all alone, and I take all kinds of criticism for believing in what I believe. Sometimes I go along with what other believe and then wind up hating myself for it.

I realize I have to decide what I believe for myself. I will do this even though I have decided it means I walk all alone for now. No need to worry, as this will only be temporary.

I used to hang around people who thought and believed the way I think and believe all the time. However, perhaps I felt a little closed in, so I explored other points of view.

However, as it turns out now I have to walk alone until I find once again those who truly possess the values that I also hold.

I am truly scared for America after Bush Leaves Office

Until there is a better solution I vote republican for the time being. I vote that way because that is the political party that advocates the values that I believe in.

I do not think Bush was a perfect president. He was strong in some areas, such as right after 9/11, and he was weak in others-such as making sure his priorities were straight.

Nevertheless, I am scared for America. Not because of race, gender, or any other reason. I am scared because I don't know what to expect. I hear that Obama is Muslim (although this could just be a scare), and more and more ungodly beliefs are being advocated.

I cannot say I have had a perfect past. However, I believe in the traditional family of one man and one woman, and I believe in the people in American that they should stand on their own two feet.

I also believe that us as Americans should be allowed to vote for who we want to vote for and know that our vote truly counts. I also believe that we should not have to live in fear of our rights being taken away.

Therefore, I am scared for America. I truly hope that America can recover from the loss of George Bush.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Poll: Is R. Kelly Case Matter of Race?

Back to R. Kelly Verdict Video

A question that always comes up in a case like this is the issue of race. It is a very complicated situation because there is so much stigma not only about various races and illicit sexual activities with children.

Please View R. Kelly Case Time Line for further information.

Factors that Affect This Case...

Race and the Affect of this Case on Choosing a Jury

Over the past six years that this case has been under investigation, the question of race hit jury selection. Not only that but everyone now knows about the case so the biggest fear was finding a group of men and women who would not be biased.

So many factors have come into play. One of the fears is that choosing the jury from a pool of the demographics where R. Kelly came from was in question.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt-Still hope for America?

The defense claimed they were not the people in the sex video. R. Kelly claimed he is not and so did the girl. The credibility of a third party was also examined, and found to be false.

Friday, June 13, 2008

R. Kelley Not Guilty-More on this Later

About an hour ago R. Kelly was determined not guilty on all 14 counts of child porn allegations with one child being as young as 13 years old. More comments will be added regarding this later on this evening.

This MSNBC video tells more...

Poll: Is the R. Kelley Case a Matter of Race?

Two Sides to Every Story: How the Truth Gets a Bad Name


I had just read an account of the latest news on the R. Kelley case today while trying to get work done. I had a reaction at first to just put that **** behind bars!"

On one hand I am very conscious of abuse, as I am honestly a survivor of abuse myself. But then I stopped and thought about the times I have been wrongfully accused.

Liars give those who tell the truth the wrong name. Therefore, I decided to share examples of one story told two different ways to prove my point.

One Account of an Incident...

A child's dad and a friend of his were arguing.

The child cries and yells, "She pushed me!"

The child that pushed her was an adult. She did not even bother to console the child at all.

The child's cousin who is older yells at the adult and then tells her mom about it. The mom then tells her sister and the sister calls the parent of the child pushed.

The dad's friend screams "I never **** hit a child in my life!"

"She got angry and it was an accident."

Another Account of an Incident...

Two adults were arguing. It was a dad and a friend of his.

In the midst of an argument the dad's friend absentmindedly walked past his child. She is clumsy and sometimes bumps into things and does not intentionally meant to hurt anyone.

The child yells, "She pushed me!"

All of the sudden the child's cousin who is a few years older yells, "You pushed (insert name of child)!"

In a panic, the accused adult (the dad's girlfriend) screams, "I never **** hit a child in my life!"

The cousin tells her mom about the incident, which the girlfriend knows nothing about. When she is calm she later recalls pushing the child while passing from one room to the next. It is a small hallway.

The Conclusion

The dad's friend was stressed because just days earlier she witnessed an account of the cousin's mother who was dealing with her oldest son. The oldest son was having an episode and the mother was having a hard time dealing with it.

The friend of the child's dad who was pushed was under an extreme amount of stress. She has anger issues but NEVER hit a child in her life.

She didn't even realized she pushed the child by accident until she was calm. Then she remembered this little girl was standing in the hallway while she was going from he bedroom to the kitchen.

After Thoughts: News Travels Fast

She felt sad, bad, and embarrassed then. She was calm about it but was very angry that then people started jumping to conclusions about her.

(Aside from the fact that she needs to control her feelings she had never hit a child in her life.)

She was shocked when about only an hour later the dad of the girl who was pushed received a call. It was the cousin's mom's sister checking up on the dad's friend.

Go figure. The dad's friend felt so ashamed, judged, and betrayed. She could not believe it. The dad did explain the situation but then it is probably too late by then. People will have formed their own opinions.

R. Kelly Trial-Did he or Didn't He? (Example of Two Sides of Story)

I was not really following the R. Kelley trial too closely until today and I did some research on it. When I read about cases like this it is so...well...

My first reaction is to always be like "that jerk did it and put him behind bars." Then of course I am wondering...did he really do it?

Now, as an abuse survivor I am very sensitive to people's stories. I usually err on the side of giving someone the benefit of the doubt. However, I am learning that I cannot believe everything I hear.

In fact, people get down on me that I don't watch the news every day. But I say why? It is a bunch of lies most of the time anyway. I watch it on occasion and catch it on the Internet but I don't take it too seriously.

(Probably going to ruin my chance at a journalism career if news companies read this. On the other hand if they are looking for an honest journalist I am there.)

Marginal errors have threatened to put people behind bars for a really long time. The media, the justice system, and those involved in cases like this better know what they are doing.

Shoddy investigation gives true cases a bad name! Cases that are kept secret that no one knows about.

If he did...

He deserves life behind bars...and so do the teachers that "fall in love" with students. The adults should know better.

If he didn't do it...

Well...he would have every right to sue. I realize now that I cannot always believe everything I hear.

You cannot always believe everything you hear. The versions of a made-up story is a great example:

Why Believing Everything You Hear Gives Honest People a bad Name

The Point of This (Back to the R. Kelley Trial):

You cannot always believe everything you here. There are two sides to every story. I used to take sides all the time and lately am realizing that I should not.

This is sad that it has to be this way because well it gives true cases a bad name. The question is how does the public decipher the truth from the lies? Its almost as if they have to do investigations of their own.

For an illustration regarding jumping to conclusions read Two Sides to Every Story: How the Truth gets a Bad name"