Friday, June 27, 2008

I Walk All Alone

I walk all alone in my quest to find what is important to me. I don't vote the same way that my friends do. I don't even vote the same way as my previous significant other.

I walk all alone, and I take all kinds of criticism for believing in what I believe. Sometimes I go along with what other believe and then wind up hating myself for it.

I realize I have to decide what I believe for myself. I will do this even though I have decided it means I walk all alone for now. No need to worry, as this will only be temporary.

I used to hang around people who thought and believed the way I think and believe all the time. However, perhaps I felt a little closed in, so I explored other points of view.

However, as it turns out now I have to walk alone until I find once again those who truly possess the values that I also hold.

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