Saturday, June 14, 2008

Poll: Is R. Kelly Case Matter of Race?

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A question that always comes up in a case like this is the issue of race. It is a very complicated situation because there is so much stigma not only about various races and illicit sexual activities with children.

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Factors that Affect This Case...

Race and the Affect of this Case on Choosing a Jury

Over the past six years that this case has been under investigation, the question of race hit jury selection. Not only that but everyone now knows about the case so the biggest fear was finding a group of men and women who would not be biased.

So many factors have come into play. One of the fears is that choosing the jury from a pool of the demographics where R. Kelly came from was in question.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt-Still hope for America?

The defense claimed they were not the people in the sex video. R. Kelly claimed he is not and so did the girl. The credibility of a third party was also examined, and found to be false.

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