Friday, June 27, 2008

Katy Berry's Christian Confusion-More Common Than you Think

I would like say that the confusion that pop singer Katy Berry is having is more common than her church and pastor would think. Christians stumble and fall and go astray all the time.

Some of the words to this song actually have hit home to me, as it applies to anyone who has internal struggles that are difficult to share:

No, I don't even know your name
It doesn't matter
You're my experimental game
Just human nature
It's not what good girls do
Not how they should behave
My head gets so confused
Hard to obey
I kissed a girl and I liked it

Often times people know what is right and wrong but sometimes they just don't want to do the right thing. Sometimes it is hard when the wrong thing feels so good-especially when it becomes more and more acceptable.

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