Friday, June 13, 2008

Two Sides to Every Story: How the Truth Gets a Bad Name


I had just read an account of the latest news on the R. Kelley case today while trying to get work done. I had a reaction at first to just put that **** behind bars!"

On one hand I am very conscious of abuse, as I am honestly a survivor of abuse myself. But then I stopped and thought about the times I have been wrongfully accused.

Liars give those who tell the truth the wrong name. Therefore, I decided to share examples of one story told two different ways to prove my point.

One Account of an Incident...

A child's dad and a friend of his were arguing.

The child cries and yells, "She pushed me!"

The child that pushed her was an adult. She did not even bother to console the child at all.

The child's cousin who is older yells at the adult and then tells her mom about it. The mom then tells her sister and the sister calls the parent of the child pushed.

The dad's friend screams "I never **** hit a child in my life!"

"She got angry and it was an accident."

Another Account of an Incident...

Two adults were arguing. It was a dad and a friend of his.

In the midst of an argument the dad's friend absentmindedly walked past his child. She is clumsy and sometimes bumps into things and does not intentionally meant to hurt anyone.

The child yells, "She pushed me!"

All of the sudden the child's cousin who is a few years older yells, "You pushed (insert name of child)!"

In a panic, the accused adult (the dad's girlfriend) screams, "I never **** hit a child in my life!"

The cousin tells her mom about the incident, which the girlfriend knows nothing about. When she is calm she later recalls pushing the child while passing from one room to the next. It is a small hallway.

The Conclusion

The dad's friend was stressed because just days earlier she witnessed an account of the cousin's mother who was dealing with her oldest son. The oldest son was having an episode and the mother was having a hard time dealing with it.

The friend of the child's dad who was pushed was under an extreme amount of stress. She has anger issues but NEVER hit a child in her life.

She didn't even realized she pushed the child by accident until she was calm. Then she remembered this little girl was standing in the hallway while she was going from he bedroom to the kitchen.

After Thoughts: News Travels Fast

She felt sad, bad, and embarrassed then. She was calm about it but was very angry that then people started jumping to conclusions about her.

(Aside from the fact that she needs to control her feelings she had never hit a child in her life.)

She was shocked when about only an hour later the dad of the girl who was pushed received a call. It was the cousin's mom's sister checking up on the dad's friend.

Go figure. The dad's friend felt so ashamed, judged, and betrayed. She could not believe it. The dad did explain the situation but then it is probably too late by then. People will have formed their own opinions.

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