Friday, June 27, 2008

Pro Gun Does not Mean Unsafe

If a person believes in the right to bear arms it does not mean they are unsafe. It also does not mean that gun owners are irresponsible either-at least not always.

Many pro-gun advocates believe in gun safety regulations. They just don't believe in the right to have them taken away. The U.S. Constitution even says that Americans have the "right to bear arms."

The following is a list of gun safety regulations that many gun owners and advocates support:

  • Gun Use Training
  • Responsibility in Using a Gun
  • Prohibition of assault weapons and contraband
  • Mandatory trigger locks
  • A five-day (or other short time) waiting periods

Fortunately for now the Supreme Court has banned anti-gun law proposals so far. Hopefully Americans will not allow guns to be taken away from them. America watch out because it could happen.

I say that owning a gun does not mean that it will be misused or that it is unsafe. Proper use can save even an entire family's life.

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