Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why Does "Environmentalism" have to be a Political Issue?

What I don't understand is why "environmentalism" has to be a political issue. Shouldn't people just simply care about the earth that was created for them? Shouldn't people want to take care of the place they live in?

Apparently some people do and some people don't. That just gives our government one more excuse to come in and think they can take over our world. Why do people allow everything to be a political issue?

In fact, even major companies should do their job and keep their properties clean. They should also care that certain industrial processes can pollute our water or air.

Do the people of this world really that greedy that it needs to rely on destroying the earth in order to make a buck? The least they could do is clean up after them selves-individuals and companies alike-so that there is no excuse again for the government to take over like it has already.