Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How Stealing (Shoplifting) Affects the Economy

Uncertain times such as these often call for uncalled for economic decisions. One of those is shoplifting. I don't understand why people don't realize that stealing actually can prolong the economic recession. In fact, enough embezzlement on a large scale can even cause another Great Depression. (Oh and what would we call that, Great Depression II??)
Anyway...stealing (shoplifting) is very bad for the economy. Is the pressure to give the perfect gift really have to resort to that? I say if you cannot afford it the kids or family do not need it. Now, that may be easy to say because I don't have kids...and I hope to God that I don't succumb to all those materialistic pressures when I do.
Aren't there any well-adjusted kids out there who don't receive hundreds or thousands of dollars of gifts every year??

Monday, December 1, 2008

[WARNING: Profanity in Post and Video]My Reaction to "We are Officially In a Recession"

Warning: This blog and video has mild profanity in it. If you are offended by such please do not read.


I heard the other day the "We are officially in a recession" and that we have been for about a year now-since last december. My first reaction was like..."NO SH*T!" Uh....Duh!

Anyway, this is my video version of my reaction that I had to hearing about the economy. (Bear with me as it is a work in progress and I will have to edit it at some point.)

Video: We are in a Recession? Uh...Well...No Sh*t!