Friday, February 20, 2009

On Affirmative Action (Original Intent of Program, and It's Failure)

I heard some horror stories pertaining to affirmative action as shared by radio callers the other day. It was regarding the fact that many qualified white workers are being passed up for certain less qualified people of other races and heritages. Now, before I continue I might add that I think this program had its advantages in the beginning.
It truly did provide more opportunity to those who otherwise would have not had it. However, when you compare one poor white boy who says he is not even racist with a rich black person (for instance) who receives free tuition, food, housing, exactly is that fair?
This young man (or way back when he was going to school) was told that it was simply because he is white that he will not get the money. This was after the young many persistently tried to receive grants.
If people of races other than European American want to discriminate against anyone it should be the people who are white who actually are racist. Otherwise, the rest of us should be left to be. Two wrongs do not make a right.

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