Friday, February 20, 2009

Regarding Discrminations: Two Wrongs Incite Total Disaster!

I heard just yesterday (again, only this time it is more clear that it is a problem) that many white people are getting turned down for jobs they would otherwise be more qualified for than a person of another heritage/ethic background. Likewise, I also heard that white people who would other than their color be turned down for a job they would have otherwise qualified for.
Now, I think at one time affirmative action served its purpose. However, perhaps now it is obsolete. As I am listening to the fact that lesser-qualified people of other national backgrounds are being awarded positions based on their race I was just floored.
I was thinking...what is this? Some kind of revenge. Well, regarding this two wrongs does not make a right. Worse yet, it incites total disaster. Have we not learned anything in the past 50 years??! At all??! It sure is true what they say that history repeats itself.

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