Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yes, blogging about the Health Care Debate Again

Yes, I am blogging about the health care debate again. This is such an extensive issue and it will be ongoing for awhile. Although, the summer break of Congress means we really won't be hearing as much about it for awhile I guess. Well, this is the time for people who have something to say about this issue to take action.

I am letting you know that I will be updating this blog tomorrow with further information....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I report Myself (Copy of E-mail I sent to

I am going to report myself to the address. I am going to tell President Obama and his Czar-like staff that I do not think health care should be a national issue. I agree with one of the alternative health care bills that does not nationalize health care.

What I Am in Favor Of (Pertaining to Health Care Provision)

I am in favor of each individual state taking care of themselves. I also am for people who have a low income who cannot afford health care to receive it-even single people. After all, it is not right to award people for having kids when people while people who do not have children are deprived of it.

However, I do not believe in socialist-style health care systems. If we give the government an inch they will take a mile...(all under the guise of trying to help us as they strip us away of our privacy.)

What I am not in Favor Of

I believe that America should take care of one another, but I do not believe in "strings attached" kinds of help. Also, why in the world is the government asking people to narc on one another to this address anyway?

What's it going to be next? You gonna hire a bunch of "secret police." Is America going to turn into Nazi Germany? America watch out! On the other hand, I am glad more people are outraged and speaking out.

A lot of people right now are upset. And they should be! Their freedom is being slowing taken away. And they are even more upset that many people do not even care that it is being taken away! I sure hope we do not lose all our liberties promised to us by the constitution.

America needs to wake up! Wake Up! Obama needs to wake up as well. Obama, you are going to have a lot of people upset with you if you try to offer them help with such high "strings attached."

I hope American wakes up and sees what you are doing, Obama. You are playing the race card so much that you are fooling a lot of people. But you are not fooling me. I am a very multicultural person and have had friends over the years of many nationalities, but they do not usually play the race card like you do.

Americans Speak up and Say National Health Care is a Bad Idea!

Americans everywhere are speaking up against national health care. The reason why many people believe this is a bad idea is because of how the government sometimes tries to control the people under the guise of so-called "help."

(In case you are visiting my blog for the first time note I do not follow AP or other major press rules. I reserve the right to report current events how I see fit.)

Why Nationalized Health Care Is a Bad Idea

See, one of the major cases against nationalized health care is in how the government will regulate doctors, health facilities, and individuals seeking help. Priority will be given to those who supposedly need the care the most, and some people who really need care could possibly be overlooked.

The emphasis will be more on taking care of sick people than it would be on keeping people well. Funding for regular health maintenance or physicals could possibly be reduced. You will be restricted to using the health insurance and most likely would not be allowed to make cash payments in the event paying in cash would be cheaper.

Under the most extreme control many national health care plans were regulated like this: If you don't go to the doctor that the government tells you (the one on your government health insurance plan) you could go to jail. Supposedly if you pay cash you could also go to jail. This of course depends upon how a health care plan is drawn up.