Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Americans Speak up and Say National Health Care is a Bad Idea!

Americans everywhere are speaking up against national health care. The reason why many people believe this is a bad idea is because of how the government sometimes tries to control the people under the guise of so-called "help."

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Why Nationalized Health Care Is a Bad Idea

See, one of the major cases against nationalized health care is in how the government will regulate doctors, health facilities, and individuals seeking help. Priority will be given to those who supposedly need the care the most, and some people who really need care could possibly be overlooked.

The emphasis will be more on taking care of sick people than it would be on keeping people well. Funding for regular health maintenance or physicals could possibly be reduced. You will be restricted to using the health insurance and most likely would not be allowed to make cash payments in the event paying in cash would be cheaper.

Under the most extreme control many national health care plans were regulated like this: If you don't go to the doctor that the government tells you (the one on your government health insurance plan) you could go to jail. Supposedly if you pay cash you could also go to jail. This of course depends upon how a health care plan is drawn up.

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