Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The Movie ‘OBSESSION: RADICAL ISLAM’S WAR AGAINST THE WEST’ was a very powerful one in my opinion. It really spoke volumes about the changing times.

Now, of course you have to remember it is the RADICAL Islam community NOT the conservative Islam community being leaked in this video. This is said to clarify that there is two entirely different kinds of people that exist in the Eastern World.

To further explain, one of the ‘good’ Islam people says someone along the lines of this: that everyone in the East is taught to hate America. There is a huge extreme between hating America and suicide bombing for the cause of God though.

In any case, this video really opened my eyes. It has shown me that history repeats itself and while I was watching it I thought all the terrorists in the world they could any day now ban together and drop an atomic bomb on America.

What I really liked: The fact that they compare the current terrorist groups operating around the world with the times of Nazi Germany. In many ways the operations as well as the symbolisms, signs, and solutes used are the same.

They also showed footage from World War I and how the Nazi regime spread. Many references are made to how all religions but especially the Jews are today still being persecuted.

Some of the above I knew already but this is what I didn’t know: I did not know that the terrorist groups around the world were quite as big and as powerful as they are. I thought maybe it was a few moderately-sized groups here and there. NOT a global operation!

I also learned a new perspective on how the terrorists infiltrated American airlines and such to blow up the World Trade Center with planes on 9/11/2001.

There is so much more to tell so much more to understand but this movie did open up my eyes in a whole new way. I was very impressed.

The sources speaking in it included journalists from the Middle East and even a former Nazi soldier. It is amazing the perspectives from which this video is made.

And that lead to another thought and that was this: I wonder if people who are in this video are dead by now. But perhaps they are still alive under witness protection which would be my hope.

What to be done about spam???

The issue of spamming could eventually become a political issue I think. What should we do about spam? It seems the Spam Act has not cured the problem.

I had to fix all my blogs and gave up posting for awhile because I had hundreds of spam posts to remove. I apologize readers as I will soon have more content on here again.

Upcoming: I want to write at least a few entries of what I have learned recently about worldwide terrorism. I will give you a hint. I learned that it is bigger of an organization than I ever dreamed.