Sunday, August 28, 2011

Notice of Incoming Blog Entry

Note to blog readers: Except for the blog this applies to it may be an off topic post. This is just my way of alerting my entire network of an incoming post. 

Please read new posts submitted to Blog in the Life of a Writer, another J.A.B.'s Freelance World Network blog. Blog in the life of a writer chronicles the joys and trials of a writer, and it also helps readers learn about the everyday life of a person who is employed in this profession. Writing tips, writing exercises, and personal updates are provided here. 

Quotes of the day and words of the day are also provided via Blog in the life of a Writer and private sources. My hope is that you will learn something as you delve into the inspiration and information provided on this portal. New content is published here as well as on other J.A.B.'s Freelance World blogs a regular basis. 

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