Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Can't Wait 'Til this Election is Over!

I can’t wait ‘Til the election is over. The first reason I hope so is because I’m sooo sick of that Tammy Baldwin ad. “You’re d*mn right we’ll make a difference.” I’m also tired of the Obama ads, and all the promotions bashing one candidate or another.

I’m so sick of the election ads, and I’m so tired of all the broken promises! Why bother, I wonder. Seriously why bother? For instance, who do we have in line for the presidency? We have Obama and Romney on the top of the list, then Libertarian, Green, and other “third” parties.

To be fair, it’s partly my fault that the choices for presidency are not necessarily what I would consider top notch. I sometimes become too self-absorbed in my own little problems to even watch the news and keep up with what’s going on in the world. Maybe if I do, then perhaps next time around more impressive selections for office will be presented.

Still, I’m going to be glad when the election is over. In fact, the polls are closing in a few minutes where I live. 

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