Saturday, June 22, 2013

Technology: Could It Be Used To Start A Conspiracy?

Maybe I should stop watch movies where the center of corruption is always some high-tech government base. Either that or I should get less cynical friends.

I know a lot of people who are afraid of technology. They might even say it's the cause of most modern conspiracies — or perhaps always was the cause of the widening of the gap between the rich and the poor.

But Why Such Paranoia About Technology?

Just think of the way people worship the latest computer, gadget, or device that hits the store shelves. Anytime I look at social networks buzzing about the next new smartphone, I wouldn't guess at all there could be a downside to technology at all.

However, as I sometimes sit and listen to my friends ramble on one night, I think it finally hit me. I actually started to realize they had a point. Technology — as useful as it can be -- could possibly be the center of many conspiracies.

A Fictitious Example Based On Truth

This scenario I'm about to make up really is not true. If it does resemble any incident in real life, that would be purely coincidental.

I could target Apple and Samsung, but that would be too easy. Besides, I already did that in a different post. Therefore, I will use a made-up example of two entirely different corporations.

I got it. Let's say a major executive from Dell decides to meet a stressed-out, entry-level employee from Gateway. This person of higher authority at Dell could sweet-talk this peon employee into all kinds of deals promising that this lower-level employee could make more money than he ever dreamed. However, that employee who works paycheck to paycheck may have to break Gateway confidentiality laws in order to make money.

Maybe these two persons from rival companies would join forces and create an empire of their own. Otherwise, they could steal ideas from one another and go their separate ways.

Either way, they are taking information from major corporations who own patents, copyrights and trademarks. They take this data and they create their own products and possibly make a fortune. They may encounter a lawsuit or they may not, but either way this sort of scenario could explain why so many people are paranoid.

On The Way To a Sting Operation

The kind of sting operation I'm talking about is not the one you hear about regarding the city streets. No, I'm talking about high-power government officials teaming up with large companies—not necessarily the ones mentioned or even any local bank—but some large companies.

The trickling starts from the top working its way down. At the bottom is the struggling American looking for a way to make an extra dollar, and perhaps we really can blame technology. Still, greed is the real culprit.

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