Saturday, September 28, 2013

Memo to Congress: Money Doesn't Grow on Flag Poles

In light of recent threats to shut down the U.S. government by October 1st, I have a memo to send to Congress...

Money doesn't grow on U.S. flag poles, in case you haven't noticed.  Eventually we'll run out!

Eventually we have to stop spending money, and Obama has to stop refusing to negotiate. Where does he come off thinking we can just use our money for whatever we want?

He has some nerve. It's almost like a irresponsible spouse taking money out of an account that is not (only) his or hers but someone else's as well. It's just not right, and I hope the more sensible side of this issue (not as political parties but as responsible individuals) win. 

If a government shutdown occurs on Tuesday, I say we all blame Obama and his stubbornness to execute is useless, un-affordable health Obamacare no matter who it hurts. 

Of course, too much spending is also a great way for us to eventually create international enemies. What if we can never pay our forgeign debtors back? What's going to become us? Disaster?

Is that what Obama and Congress wants? Grow up, or move over and let someone else have your seat!

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