Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Is Government Shutdown Just a Distraction from the Real Issues (Possible Socialism or Communism)?

Any time something like a government shutdown or other major political newsworthy event occurs, it makes me wonder. Is it just a distraction from the real issues?

It always makes me wonder if it's a way for the government to divert attention away from government authorities in Congress and the White House who want to abuse national power. It's these major events that occur during which the government could get away with just about anything -- at least that's what it seems in my eyes.

Who  knows what really goes on behind those White House gates during a shutdown  It's scary, thinking about how Senate and House convenes even though large portions of the government are now closed to the public. 

All I can say is, I plan to say what I want to say in the time being while I still have the freedom to say it. Watch out people, because your freedom could be taken from you faster than you can vote against total government control of the people. 

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